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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday- Guangzhou

Yesterday we went to the Safari Park and were picked up by our guide, Lily.  We then drove to the Garden Hotel to pick up two other AAC families that we are traveling with, we rented a bus to take us to the park.  The Safari Park was far bigger and had many more animals than any zoo or Animal Kingdom, it was truly magnificent.  Here is little Miss as we were planning where we were going to go first........don't let the sweet innocent  face fool you, she had just run away from me as soon as I took her out of her stroller:)

Our first adventure was a really neat tram ride through the safari.  The sheer number of each kind of animal was amazing.  There wasn't just one lion but 15, and 20 giraffes, etc.  Ellie was so cute, when she would see a different animal she would point and say, "WOW"!

Asian Elephants

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