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Friday, February 3, 2012


Yesterday was a busy but good day.  We our last morning in Nanchang and packed up before meeting our guide around 11:30.  We were waiting on Ellie's passport and notary papers before heading to Guangzhou and thankfully they were ready so we took a van to the airport.  Maggie checked us in to our flights and we said our good-byes to her before waiting for our flight from Nanchang to Guangzhou.  Here is Little Miss on our flight.......

I tried my best to explain to her what we were doing but of course she didn't really understand.  Poor thing was overwhelmed and started to cry.  I gave her a lollipop and she didn't want that, she just grabbed her wah-wah (baby), her purse and photo album, laid her head on my lap and went to sleep for the entire flight! We got our bags ok after the flight and met with an agency guide who arranged our van ride to our hotel which is located on Shaiman Island in Guangzhou. 

We are staying at the Victory Hotel and it seems very nice.  Shaiman Island is a small island only 4 blocks.  It has a Victorian feel with planned walkways, tourtist shops, several 7-Elevens, a Starbucks and many resturants.  It has such a quiet feel to it that is so welcomed after our time in province.  Our guide this week, John, met us at our hotel and helped us get checked in before showing us around the island.  I borrowed a sroller for Ellie last week from our hotel but the Victory does not have strollers to borrow so John took me to a store where I got a great deal on a stroller and a jacker for E.  John explained to us that this area is largely Cantonese (not Chinese) and that they relate more to Hong Kong than to China. Most people on the island speak English so it is much easier to communicate.  We opted for an American food last night and ate at Lucy's Bar & Grill.  I opened the menu and almost wept when they had an entire...................wait for it.......................vegetarian menu!!!! Our meal was lovely and Heather and I even ordered a glass of wine to celebrate.  I ordered Ellie a kids meal which came with fried chicken, fried chicken sausage, french fries, mixed fruit, a juice and ice cream (for $5).  She was more interested in my pasta pesto though.................

She also ate a ton of Aunt Heather's brocolli and salmon! She is too funny choosing salmon and brocolli over fried chicken! Oh but she shrieked when the waitress brought out her cup of ice cream. 

On our walk back to the hotel we stopped at the 7-Eleven for some groceries and all crashed as soon as I put Ellie to bed.  This hotel also has a breakfast buffet and we will head down there once everyone wakes up.  Today we have Ellie's medical appointment but it is right near our hotel so that is nice.  Poor thing will have to have a TB test, I better have a treat ready after that!

Ellie had a great day yesterday, no major crying episodes even though she was tired and hungry with our crazy day yesterday.  We are learning our way together a little more everyday, and her spunk is really starting to come out! Sorry for the lack of pictures but the camera never got unpacked yesterday! Will post more Ellie cuteness tomorrow:)


  1. Hi girls,
    Have been checking your blog often for news, you are doing a great job w/ everything happening around you. A trip of a lifetime, could not be prouder of you all and your efforts.
    Hang in there, the rewards are just beginning.
    our love

  2. So amazing Carrie!! I love reading about your journey. I'm so happy that everything (although hard at times) is going great!! Safe travels and God bless!
    Julie Meacham

  3. All good news! We look forward to sampling that vegetarian menu ourselves in a few days...

  4. TB test, hope it goes well!!!! Take care, we look forward to your posts!!!!

  5. Congratulations! It sounds like all is going well. Your daughter is just beautiful! She'll fit in with those handsome boys.