Three Princes and a Princess

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Computer Issues

Hello Everyone.

We are all good but having computer issues because my laptop died and that is the only thing that allowed good internet access, so I do not expect to be able to blog much more until I get home.

We are good, Ellie is really talking. Today is Tuesday  and is our free day. Wednesday we have our consulate appointment, Thursday we pick up Ellis visa and take the train to Hong Kong where we overnight in the airport hotel before taking a flight to Tokyo the a flight to Newark then Rochester to finally arrive on Friday night.


  1. Absolutely adorable!!! Sorry you are having computer issues!!

  2. Love love love those videos! And it's good to hear YOUR voice too....miss you!

  3. The girl is a genius, I tell ya =) And a gorgeous genius at that. LOL
    Give me a call when you get settled in.