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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday- Guanzhou

Saturday was a great day, it was so nice to explore Shaiman Island! After breakfast we made a beeline to..............Starbucks! We walked in and it looked EXACTLY as it would in NY and Heather said something about being happy and the young man behind the counter said, "Yeah I hear that all the time!"

This is what the streets look like here.  It is so lovely to walk around and so much quieter, I love it. 
Next up came the medical exams for the children so our guide, Lily came and together with two other families we set off to get their pictures taken and then to the are to get their medicals done.  It took two hours and was absolute chaos but we made it through, Ellie was a trooper!

Lily and the three families in our group then went to lunch at Lucy's and had another great meal before coming back to our hotel to do some paperwork.  Our hotel has a playroom for children to play and they played while the moms and Lily went through our mountains of paperwork and organized what we needed. 

Sorry for the lack of commentary, I am tired. Today we are off to the safari zoo with 2 other families and are hoping for a great day:) 


  1. What hotel is this? We are headed to get our daughter in 10 more days!

  2. OK I was looking at the photos and thinking OMG I can't imagine packing all the clothes you need for Ellie all these days. ..not to mention figuring out her size.

  3. Coffee, I'm having my second mug right now! I can imagine that H-er was uber-happy!!!!! Have fun at the zoo and I hope you don't get writer's cramp! You must know, we are all so excited to meet Ellie! Christina Smith, Alli Gleason and I have been chatting about the blog and all!!!!!!

  4. Your little munchkin is adorable! Can't wait to meet my little prince early next month!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!